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China Summer of Code 2021 - Open Source Promotion Plan


FreePascal and Lazarus communities might consider to sign up and delegate some development tasks to $$$$ sponsored China Open Source Promotion Plan. It is similar to Google Summer of Code. Deadline is May 20th.

I am doubtful that either the Lazarus or the FPC projects are ready to benefit from this endeavor. A proposal would require well defined goals, specifications (or at least guidelines) for coding style, documentation for existing framework and how to implement new features etc.  Then a tutor/mentor with an appropriate level of insight and understanding would need to dedicate some time to guide the prospective programmers.  Not sure which of the existing core developers would want to dedicate time for this.

But, it would be nice to get more people involved in implementing functionality. Also fixing existing bugs would be nice, but probably not well suited for this approach.

Thank you for sharing the link.


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