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Send email with attachment on Linux using SSL and synapse


I have struggled getting the part of a service program running, which handles emailing of reports. The program is running on Linux (RaspberryPi) and it must use SSL encryption.

I have used Indy10 for this in the past but now it no longer works due to the OpenSSL current version (1.1.x) is not supported by Indy10 (only 1.0.x works, but it is not available for installation in the operating system.
So I have been advised to use Synapse instead.
Installed Synapse 40.1 via OLPM in Lazarus 2.0.12.

Now trying to find valid code examples for mailing with Synapse and SSL, but failing. What I have found do not handle attachments or are very old.

I have tried googling but what turns up is very little, Windows specific or often very old.

Grateful for any suggestions with code examples.

You may find this thread and its references useful, if you haven't already spotted it of course.


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