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Code Completion on Mac OS


Hello Everybody.
I am new in Lazarus world, and even if im am a computer engineer, I am new to the Lazarus ecosystem.
I use Mac OS Big Sur with the very last version of Lazarus (fcpdeluxe) and Freepascal.
I try to follow differents tutorials about introducing Lazarus and nearly everything works fine (I can write, compile and execute programs), except one thing : code completion.
Absolutely no code completion, Shft-Ctrl-C or anything else, noway for having even the beginning of code completion on Mac OS X Lazarus version.
I checked wikis, lazarus configuration, this forum, etc.... it is nearly a fresh install, how is it possible ?
I am interested by any comment or ideas ?

It should all work on MacOS.... However I have no idea what the correct key combos are.
You can find them under menu: Tools > Options > Editor > KeyMap

In addition, you should check the "messages" window. If any error occurs, it should be listed there.


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