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How to search for missing .vpi modules?


Don Child:

I'm working with Virtual Pascal for Win32, version 2.1.  I registered at an official Virtual Pascal forum a few weeks ago, but they haven't approved my membership yet.  I hope it's ok, if I ask the question here.

On several of the projects I try to compile, there are often some

    Error 15: File xxx.vpi is not found

The latest one is Lfn.vpi.  I can't locate this anywhere.

In general, when we have missing .vpi files, is there some general way of searching for them?

VP has a Facebook group somewhere that used to provide support. I suggest you try there.

You do realise that VP has not evolved significantly since 2001, and after a few maintenance-only releases, the owner declared that development had ceased in 2005. On 4 Apr 2005, Virtual Pascal was announced 'dead' on the official site. The last released version (2.1 Build 279) was announced on 13 May 2004.

You really should switch to Free Pascal !

This suggests the Forum you signed up to was abandoned in favour of Facebook:


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