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FPC v3.2.0: how to set IDE to be displayed full screen on 27" monitor?


I've got following situation:

1. I'm currently using FPC v3.0.4 on an older laptop and have applied: Options | Environment | Preferences | Video mode: 237x63 color => the IDE fits 100 % to 27" monitor

2. Today I downloaded FPC v3.2.0 on a new laptop and could only select the maximum resolution offered by the IDE: Options | Environment | Preferences | Video mode: 120x71 color => landscaped IDE-view is more narrow than 27" screen width, and longer than 27" screen length.

I guess some settings are wrong (maybe even in Display Settings of laptop). I looked for a solution in some Forum branches, but couldn't find a solution.

Why is the IDE offering a smaller resolution on the new laptop compared to the old one, and how to solve?

[Edited title to fix typo in FPC version]

Afaik older IDEs allowed the IDE to resize the console. Newer versions simply fit to the console.

If I take a cmd.exe and resize it to the max size ( I have a portrait 27" fullHD) and start the 3.2.0 IDE, the IDE fills the whole screen.

Hello marcov,

Your solution works for me too - was finally able to verify it.


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