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Installing Platform eXtended Library v1.1.0, dated 9-Dec-2017.



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        Platform eXtended Library v1.1.0, dated 9-Dec-2017.
             Copyright (c) 2000 - 2017  Yuriy Kotsarenko

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readme in the zip states:

--- Quote ---Installation is quite straightforward, you just need to add full path to
"Source" folder in IDE's "library path" for each of the platforms. Please visit
our web site for additional installation instructions.

--- End quote ---

Looking at the WIN-10 C:/Lazarus folder I'm wondering where the ideal place would be to install libraries like this. 
What's the convention? 

My goal is also to install this onto a Pi3/Pi4 and a BeagleBone so I want to be able to move a project from the WIN-10/7 systems into the Linux systems and not have to edit all sorts of locations to make it compile.

And the goal is to get easy access to SPI, I2C and One Wire hardware pins and be able to, for example write a 320x240 bitmap out SPI bus to an LCD display.  This seems the ideal library for that.



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