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[Solved] Is it possible to split the unit?


Hi All,
Let's say we have a unit with a code of 500 or much more. Can I separate the codes that I use much less or more of them on a separate page.
I don't want to make a separate unit for reasons like adding Scope and uses.
So 2 or more pages but I want it to be compiled as a single unit. Can such a thing be done?
I would appreciate it if you could help.Respects.

use "include" files.

Where ever you specify the

[$INCLUDE FILENAME.INC} the file will be inserted there at that location of source code.

This file is a standard text file with no special pascal headers in I, its just plan text so what ever is in this file will get inserted at the location you specified it.

Yes, that's exactly what I wanted.
Thank you so much Jamie,


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