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Errors of the logic of the program [SOLVED]


إذا عاين المُعالج حالة البيانات الممررة له من قِبل المترجم فوجدها صحيّة أي مقبولة فإنّهُ يتّبعها دون إدراكـ صحة المنطق فهل هناكـ تعديلات على المُنقّح ليستطيع تداركـ أخطاء المنطق أم أنّ ذلكـ نشاط بشري بحت.

google translate:

"If the wizard "processor" examines the state of the data passed to him "it" by the translator "compiler" and finds it correct, i.e. acceptable, then he "it" follows it without realizing the validity of the logic. Are there any modifications to the reviser "debugger" to be able to correct the errors of logic or is this purely human activity."

For the moment purely human. A processor (the whole computer, in fact), the compiler, etc. are just machines and they will blindly try to do whatever you, the human, tell them to do, whether it makes sense or not.

The compiler programmers have programmed it to react to certain situations which are considered "errors", or at least "dubious" (when it emits a warning or a note), but if there are logical errors on an otherwise acceptable piece of code it will tranlate to machine code which the processor will try to execute.

At best a "logical" error will then produce a processor "fault" or exception (e.g. if you try to divide by zero); at worst it might destroy the whole system (e.g. if something makes it format the hard disk).

من توضيحكـ زميل @lucamar علينا نحنُ المبرمجين أمر أخطاء منطق البرنامج إذ أنّ المُترجم لن يكون بارعاً بالدرجة الكافية وقد تؤول الأخطاء المنطقيّة كما ذكرت إلى ما لا يُحمد عقباه.

google translate:

"From your explanation, colleague @lucamar, we programmers have to issue logic errors in the program, as the compiler will not be proficient enough, and logic errors, as I you mentioned, may lead to unfortunate consequences."


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