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Fieldtype: ftADT , Oracle sdo_gemetry



In the following wiki:
I see: Fieldtype: ftADT = abstract data type (user defined types created on the server); not supported yet (?)

Will it be supported someday? The reason for asking is that I take a look at Lazarus, about once a year,  to see if I can view Oracle sdo_geometry in the Datagrid.


These structured types like Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY (record which contains another types like arrays or another records) must ba mapped to TADTField (descendants of TObjectField).

I doubt that it will be implemented, only if there will be someone who would need it and would invest time in implementation.

But even if someone implemented it as you expect these types to be displayed in the dbgrid?

I was hoping to see those types displayed in a datagrid. In c# i have a class which provides just that. I wil not be able to convert it to Pascal. My Pascal is verry verry rusty.

Can you provide example/screen shot how such fields are displayed in grid?


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