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Jujiboutils no longer compiles

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Hi there everyone,

Recently, after installing Lazarus/FPC using fpcup on another machine, I've discovered that Jujiboutils no longer compiles

Here is the Wiki page for the component/package

The problem is line 247 in the file JLabel.pas, it says Identifier not found: DoMeasureTextPosition (see screenshot)

Can anybody help me resolve this problem and compile/install the package?

I'm using Lazarus 2.1.0/FPC 3.2



There is a recent change in TCustomLabel of trunk in which this method was removed. I contacted the committer, maybe it can be reverted.

Thanks wp. I look forward to hearing from you on whatever is decided.


I'll wait too before fixing it.

@JD In the meantime, synchronize to a working version of trunk (before the change that WP refers)

I have a fix ready, but will wait for the Lazarus developer's decision.

He has reimplemented the paint method and removed the DoMeasureTextPosition procedure, breaking compatibility with existing code.
If someone wants to delete a protected method, it's probably best to mark it as deprecated before deleting it. Inherited classes make use of protected procedures, for some reason they are protected and not private  :D



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