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[Solved] lazmapviewer: custom draw issue (OnDrawGpsPoint + thread)



i just started a new project using lazmapviewer. I was able to set it up and everything is working properly.
But I have an issue when I try to custom draw gps points with threading option enabled in TMapView.
I basically have muptiple GPS point to draw with different shapes and colors. The issue is changing the points colors randomly at each redraw.

I have a video as example, you can also take a look at the modified attached example that reproduces the issue (at least on my pc).

If I disable "use thread" option in the map component , it draws properly.

I would like to keep trheading enabled as it provides a significant performance boost to the application.

What am I doing wrong? Is this a known bug? Is there a fix to this?



The list of gps items was not locked during repainting. Please check out the current svn version (

Now is working like a charm!

Thanks for your time




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