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Hello everyone,
I use Lazarus Version 2.0.12 svn rev 64769 and FPC 3.2.0; I'm start to converting a program from another ide lazarus (CT), with fpcupdeluxe I installed lazarus with OPM and I have installed many components smoothly; my Lazarus is 64 bit but i compile for Win32 and i386; my big problem is gdb: if i set  a breakpoint for an example on a resize of a form i receive a SIGSEGV and my application it closes unexpectedly. In gdb i use Dwarf2 with no optimization as in the guide, and i set in ide-option-debugger FixIncorrectStepOver = true and DisableLoadSymbolsForLibraries = true but same error. Version installed of gdb is 7.3.50,
if I update the gdb could i solve?
Thanks in advance.

Can you create, run and debug a new empty (or almost empty) project?

I don't have issues using gdb 7.2 that was installed with fpc 3.2 on Windows 10, (both 32 and 64 bit versions of fpc and gdb).

In a new simple program no problem, but now I've installed on virtual machine with fpcupdeluxe-i386-win32 lazarus the same version: after installed all packet same program on gdb in the same point no problem...

Are you cross debugging? I.e. do you have a 64bit IDE, and compile to 32 bit, and try to debug the 32 bit project?

If so, try

It will give at least one annoying message during start up, may even give an "gdb internal error" (which you should be able to ignore), but it might work (I done a very quick and simple test, and if I did not mix anything up.... well).

If you are not cross debugging, go to the "alternative gdb" folder, matching your bitness (Windows 32 or 64 folder on sourceforge), and try gdb 8.2 or 8.3 whatever is avail.  (any NONE cygwin !)

More later.

Also since you come from CT, any reason not to use Lazarus 2.1/trunk?
After all CT is based on trunk.

Mind that all none cygwin builds will screw up if your environment (or command line args) contains utf8 outside the Latin range.

I'm using an old version of CT (very old) and I want to convert it to a very stable version of Lazarus and i thought using this version of lazarus and fpc was the right choice for that purpose:
since the final program is 32-bit I could use the 32-bit version of lazarus, but I'll be happy to try your solution anyway. :)


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