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how to set ZConnector to connect a mariadb database (Library Location)


None of the Client-Library
When me tried to connect a mariadb database with the Zconnector of ZeosDBO have reported the following message:
c:\Usres\Guillermo\Desktop\myprog\dll\libmysql.dll found but coul not be loaded.Check compile-target and library compatibility!
I need found a libmysql.dll to work with a mariadb database and when i put Active in true, do the connection ok ,not this error message.

Check if bitness of your program and libmysql.dll match - they both must be either 32bit or 64bit.
If you don't know bitness of libmysql.dll, try to compile and run your program first for target Win32, target CPU family i386 and then for target Win64, Target CPU family x86_64.


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