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exceed the maximum number of rows in sWorksheetGrid (FPSpreadsheet)


Hello friends, I am doing a project to import and read an excel spreadsheet (XLSX).
I am currently using the "sWorksheetGrid" component from the "FPSpreadsheet" palette and for the moment it works perfect for me.
The problem I have now is that it does not allow me to import a 1,000,000 row XLSX file. the limit is around 50,000.

How can I solve it please?

Are you on a 32-bit platform? There you certainly run out of memory - switch to the 64-bit Lazarus where I just confirmed that 1M rows can be written to xlsx successfully (the limitation of the file format is at 1,048,576 rows (and 16,384 columns)); it takes some time, though...

Can't resist to ask this question: With so many rows, are you sure that a spreadsheet is the correct tool?

Thanks for responding, I will do the tests and let you know friend, greetings


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