Author Topic: I am hung up on Bitcoin address generation - please help?  (Read 297 times)

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I am hung up on Bitcoin address generation - please help?
« on: April 23, 2021, 01:39:06 am »
So I have been trying to make a bitcoin paper wallet generator.  I am trying to use strictly pascal, no outside libraries like OpenSSL etc.  So I downloaded and setup CryptoLib4Pascal by Xor-el.  And it seems to be an amazing package for pascal!

I looked at some examples of it's usage for PascalCoin(also a very impressive and cool project!)

I am able to get my "Paper Wallet" generator program to do the most basic things like key pairs and converting to a hex and sha64 the private key.  But I am completely hung up on creating the Bitcoin Address.

Address technical details here

So I am hoping someone can maybe help me modify some of the PascalCoin code I have been trying to use in my project?  I actually barely know what I am doing. %)

Right now I am starting from scratch because I have so a mess from including pascal units from other projects.

If someone wants to help me get started my biggest issue is Step 1(from link above):
Code: Pascal  [Select][+][-]
  1. 1 - Take the corresponding public key generated with it (33 bytes, 1 byte 0x02 (y-coord is even), and 32 bytes corresponding to X coordinate)

I actually don't understand what they are telling me to do here.

I am also hoping I can learn enough here to put together my own package with BitCoin specific functions using the CryptoLib4Pascal package.... I want it to be my first open sourced project I host on github.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I am trying to basically make a desktop version of


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