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Over a period of time I have created a small number of components.
Each component has its own lpk file.
How can I group them all into one lpk file?

Add all the units to the same lpk file.

If you already had installed the other lpk files uninstall them before installing the new common lpk. Delete them (or rename them to keep a backup).

So assume I have a clean install.

I click Package -> New Package

create a new lpk, mylpk, then what?

After you clicked "Package" > "New Page" you must specify the filename of the package.

Then add the files that you had in the other packages by clicking "Add" > "Add Files From File System" in the package editor. Also add the packages which are used by your files, by clicking "Add" > "New requirement".

That's all for the beginning.

Finally click "Save" and "Compile" to check validity of your code. When this is successfull click "Use" > "Install" to rebuild the IDE.

More details at

OK done that but where are my components? (on what pallette)
IDE rebuilds without problem


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