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[Solved] Can't install trunk version of FPC and Lazarus. Need help

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I recently updated to Big Sur. Did a clean install. Installed Xcode 12.4 and the Command Line tools for Xcode 12.4
Then downloaded FPCUDeluxe  latest version and tried to install lazarus trunk and FPC 3.3.1.

But is failed.

I do not know what I am doing wrong.
Can anyone try and help me with suggestions?

Do you have svn installed?  The log suggests that it tried to download a copy of the source using svn, but failed.

How do install that then?

Never had problems like this before om Mojave


--- Quote from: madref on April 19, 2021, 04:20:43 pm ---How do install that then?

--- End quote ---
Select trunk.git

That did the trick.

But what is the difference between trunk and trunk.git?


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