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Best Way to compile same Software in Win32 and Linux

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i have written some software in windows with Delphi 3 and 5.
I like to compile the programs in Linux too.

I written it in Windows and if i finiseh to relese a new version than i want create a linux version.

Who have a idea that i can make this with no compile problems?

Hmm... The question is complicated, but answer is easy: Lazarus. If you however have problems with it, you can try Borland's Kylix (I advice Kylix 3 Personal, if you don't need a profesional license).


i need a prof. version on Kylix. Bud Kylix3 OpenEdition do not run and do not start.

GLIb_2 do not definde in file....

Kylix is known to have problems running on some Linux distributions because of it's dependencies to QT and some Wine libs, i tested it on RedHat9 with kernel 2.4.

Maybe you'll feel more comfortable with Lazarus because it's a true opensource crossplatform ide with native win, linux, mac interface and uses the FreePascal compiler wich is true Object Pascal compiler and supports most Delphi syntax and has some other enhancements like macros and C operators.

I didn't try running with wine, but you might get Delphi to run on Linux using wine or at least your win apps made with Delphi, you might also try winex4-cedega wich has DirectX support if you need it.
Please tell me if this works for you.

Well, when you need a profesional licence, mean you want to create commercial applications, I realy suggest to try Lazarus. In the first place, it works on many platforms and in addition to this it is completly free.


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