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Is there a matching T[INI|XML|JSON]PropStorage in Delphi


Gustavo 'Gus' Carreno:
Hey all,

I wanna help the fellas at PascalCoin with some basic stuff that is needed like storage of Window properties and the last used tab on the Page Control.

So I did this: because I was asked to see if the changes I wanted to do would fit their specs of being compiled under Lazarus and Delphi. This example project is to be evaluated by someone with a Delphi install.

I was under the impression that there was at least the XML and INI versions of the component but not the JSON one, since I was the one that contributed it some time ago to Lazarus only.
To my surprise, when I Googled it, all the results were Lazarus related, at least on page one. Did not drill further.

Am I mistaken in thinking that there is no direct match in the Delphi world? I was so convinced there was!!
And if so, what is there that has the same duties as T[INI|XML]PropStorage ?
This way I can navigate the {$IFDEF} nightmare :) and help the poor soul that's doing the test.



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