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Qt5 new Accessible features.

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Putting aside for the moment the issues in,54010.0.html I find that I cannot get recent Accessible additions to Qt5 in trunk to work anyway.

There has been no relevant additions to since 2013 and I can find no other 'Accessible' documentation anywhere so it's quite likely I am not using it correctly. But what I have done is -

* Activated Orca.
* Opened several other applications, LibraOffice etc and listened to Orca's  screen reader respond to menu clicks, cursor movements etc.
* Installed libqt5pas 1.2.9
* Made a lazarus trunk qt5 app that has menus, buttons, a memo with some text.
* Moving around in that app invokes no response from Orca at all.

Is there something that needs to be done, perhaps at a project level, to enables the Accessible features ?   



I really don't know. I can see that LCLQt5 accessibility have memory leaks (use app with heaptrc) for some reason,
also I have some strange crashes in my app that comes from accessibility.

Hmm, I have not see either memory leak or crash in my small test project.  So I tried it on my real app, tomboy-ng and yep, segfaults.  But not predictable, seems to happen in different places.

I now have the April 4th changes wrapped up in some $ifdefs so its easy to prove the problems are not there when I "turn Accessibility off". (want the patch ?).

I am pretty sure the problems start once the loop starts, everything is created OK. I think I will go back to my small test project and add some stuff to it and see how much I must add before something breaks, will be easier to debug that tomboy-ng which has got quite large.

When time permits ...


OK, in my app it seems to fail with a call to TWinControl.CreateWnd when dealing with a TUpDown control.

So, I put an UpDown control on my small test project and now it seg faults too.  So, thats certainly one problem !
Afraid thats as far as I will be able to get at the moment....


In that case I'll add define QTUSEACCESSIBILITY in and disable it by default (so qt56.pas and other .pas units won't use it by default).


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