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[SOLVED] suddenly i have log file from application..


I don't know what I have changed exactly, but nowadays i get log files from the application I wrote; also when run as single executable. Happens when I build with gdb or with fp debugger. I have looked in fpc.cfg and lots of other settings. Can't find it.
It logs:
STATUS INFO : @ 14:16:17 MSG : Starting Application IN : Initialization
STATUS INFO : @ 14:16:21 MSG : Terminating Application IN : Finalization
I'm running Lazarus 64 bits 2.1.0 with FPC 3.2.0.
Who knows where this is coming from?
It also looks like gdb has become much slower...
Greetings, Leo

OK, found it. Somewhere, in one of the units in a package I use, I had added 'logger' (logger.pas in FPC) to the uses clause. This was probably with the intention to use it for debugging. I never used it however. Then I forgot about it... Three weeks later I noticed this annoying problem of the log files.
Glad I found it...  ::) 


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