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Additions and Overrides: default Target dir; custom option for a platform

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--- Quote from: Jungle on April 09, 2021, 08:13:19 am ---
--- Code: ---if TargetOS='Linux' then
  LinkerOptions := ' -X9';
--- End code ---

in Conditionals, it doesn't work

--- End quote ---

I suspect it's case-sensitive, try 'linux'.

--- Quote ---"Set compiler options as default" works for new projects, but doesn't work for existing ones.

--- End quote ---

Reasonable I suppose.



--- Quote from: MarkMLl on April 09, 2021, 09:04:17 am ---I suspect it's case-sensitive, try 'linux'.
--- End quote ---

Already tried, also tried "i386-linux". As well as "LinkerOptions += ' -X9'";

It's definitely not i386-linux, but there's references to 'linux' in this context in various places in Lazarus source.

If that doesn't work my suspicion is that it's something to do with the way you're framing the conditional... hopefully Martin will drop in again presently.



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