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[SOLVED] QT5 with latest Lazarus has undefined references

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It is safe to push libQt5Pas 1.2.9 to distro maintainers, if someone know such ppl then pls ask them to update libQt5Pas


--- Quote from: dbannon on April 06, 2021, 03:32:46 pm ---As I mentioned above, qmake and libqt5x11extras-dev. Probably will have everything else.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, I'd missed that bit.

libqt5x11extras5-dev (note extra digit) on Debian which also pulls in libglu1-mesa-dev libqt5opengl5-dev libvulkan-dev qt5-qmake qt5-qmake-bin qtbase5-dev qtbase5-dev-tools.

qmake -query now runs OK which I presume is an indication prerequisites are OK. qmake qt=qt5 runs to successful completion. make runs to successful completion. I've not tried going further pending working out where it's being installed and what the implications are.

--- Quote ---Debian Testing is in a feature freeze mode now, wonder if we should be pushing to get this "new and improved" lib into it ?  Will have to test to see it does not break Lazarus 2.0.12 for example. Sigh ...

--- End quote ---

The kernel version is still drifting upwards, and I think it would be worth pointing out the desirability of getting this prerequisite library up to something which is possibly slightly in advance of the Lazarus version frozen for the distro.


I also note that the Ubuntu packages
link to code from 2013
I actually like how David Bannon separates this library from the rest of Lazarus.
However, he is not the developer, so he does not know when a new version is required. Since zeljko is spear-heading the impressive development of the QT5 widgetset, perhaps he should choose the best way to maintain and describe this library. One option is that the Lazarus community deems David Banoons repository the official one, with zeljko telling him when a new release should be created. We could then update all the Lazarus wikis to point to a single unified solution for this. As GTK2 is getting old, and GTK3 has many regressions (at least from my perspective as an OpenGL developer), the mature QT5 seems the future of Lazarus. I think the community would benefit from a unified mechanism for promoting this required library.

If anybody does fix this (or becomes aware of its having been fixed) in a way that doesn't need a locally-generated binding library please could they append something to this thread so that we all know.

Temporarily fixed by reverting to revision 64919.


OK, I have run a number of tests that indicate the new libraries are backwards compatible so older versions of Lazarus seem quite happy to use the new libraries. (The reverse is not the case however!).

So, I have logged a debian bug against bullseye in the hope they they will accept the new model into bullseye before it becomes 'stable'. That will set a transition happening at least.

In the mean time (ie several years) I suggest we (Qt5 and trunk users) need to manually install the new library on our own systems but make sure we compile release packages with, eg, Lazarus 2.0.12 ensuring compatibility with the libqt5pas libraries that will be out in user land for some time.

The alternative is, of course, we have to tell end users they need to manually install the new libraries, perhaps from Users hate that !  Ubuntu and friends users could use a PPA but thats only slightly less popular and does not help all the other distro users.



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