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fp in docker image just gives a bunch of blue "a"(s) with a gray background...



fp(fpc v3.2.0) in the cge:unstable docker image just gives a bunch of blue "a" with a gray background, is there any TERM export or something i must do before invoking it?


It's not an fp problem, it's your Docker image so you need to work out how to fix your locales etc.

I've just checked it with my own (scratchbuilt) Docker image/container, accessing a headless system via ssh, and it's fine.


Thanks, installed a ssh-server and using a ssh-client `fp` renders correctly.

But there is no mouse input. Mouse input works in `vim`, but not `fp`.

Any suggestion?

Check you've got libgpm (g? name varies slightly by distro). I specifically checked fp could see it before shutting down the container.

I tend to build fp images to go straight into (from memory) rc.local which starts up various daemons etc., then treat them like any headless system with ssh and remote X11. That was a lifesaver a few months ago since I needed to build a business app against a not-quite-current Debian version, and I find that even with the current 4.x/5.x kernels I can go all the way back to "Lenny" which is 10+ years old.



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