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Lazarus application examples with FFMPEG Version 4.3.2 and SDL2 Version 2.0.14

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Hi Lazarus users,
I have developed a lot of Lazarus multimedia application
examples for Windows 8..10 as 32-bit  and 64-bit applications
such as MediaPlayer, StreamPlayer, SlideShow, MediaConvert,
SoundRecorder and UPnPBrowser which uses
FFMPEG Version 4.3.2 and SDL2 Version 2.0.14
and PracticePlayer which uses VLC with PasLibVLC.
There are also a lot of other utilities developed with
Lazarus 2.1.0 and FPC 3.3.1 such as
DirComp, Debug, IPScan, Translator, MediServer, GoogleMap and OpenStreetMap.
You can use it all under GNU General Public License Version 3.

You can find it in with downloads
of sources. This is a german WebSite

Best regards

A very nice range of application examples! You might also want to:

* mention them in the Third Party Announcements sub-forum.

* add them to the Wiki Multimedia catalogue.

Hi trev,
thank you for your hint.

Best regards

@somby - Do you have any issues with PasLibVLC and the IDE? Like films won't play? ....

Hi pcurtis,
which issues do you have?
In my downloads of my homepage https://
you find the application "SombysPracticePlayer" with the
"VLC" which based on PasLibVLC. In the sources you find the
sources of project.


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