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Redistributing programs with dynamically linked packages


I'm porting Delphi projects to Lazarus.
When I distribute these projects from Delphi I specify list of runtime packages(BPL-s)
which will be provided separately of the program executable.

Packages are very convenient during the program development cause
there is no need to write separate libraries and you can use the classes, also strings and dynamic arrays as method arguments.

But they are very convenient for distribution too, cause it makes the distributable smaller, cause a few executables use same packages from outside
and doesn't have to keep the code inside them.

Is there any way to achieve this in Lazarus FPC?

I read a few posts in the fpc forum and in other web sites.
In one of them it is suggested to use tool that creates the PPL files and some native library.
In other I read that it is not possible.


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