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Happy Easter to everybody!

I put here pictures of my spring tree felling activities although it has nothing to do with Lazarus.

Most of the snow is gone. 2 weeks ago there was plenty of it.
Sawing was finished before birds nest. Piling branches and splitting the blogs can be done anytime later.


--- Quote from: JuhaManninen on April 02, 2021, 12:21:44 pm ---Most of the snow is gone. 2 weeks ago there was plenty of it.
--- End quote ---

We haven't seen snow around here (Madrid, Spain) since the end of the Filomena storm. As for felling trees ... I don't know what the police would say to that, nevermind walking on the street with a motor-saw  :D

ETA: [Spring comes even into cities :)

Fred vS:

Here in Fuerteventura, Canary Island Spain, we must go high in the mountains to see sometime snow and if somebody cut a tree, he will not have problem with police but he will be placed directly in a madhouse.


In Guyana (my country of origin) on Easter Day, everyone forgets about Free Pascal and Lazarus for the day and they all go off to the beaches and open areas to fly kites! :)

Greetings from the UK (Southern England). Signs of flowers since early February, generally a mild Spring but we had a couple of bitter days/nights (<-5C).

I always try to do any cutting by Valentine's Day (14th February) since tradition has it that that's when the birds do their courting. These days it's only light snipping by the side of paths.

We're past the Equinox, past the Full Moon, today is the Friday after the Full Moon, so in a couple of days we have Easter. Rejoice and be glad hallelujah! :-)

And the workers will be demanding their Bank Holidays and their foreign trips, COVID lockdown or not :-(



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