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This morning I tried to purchase a book from and when I tried to checkout it said I already have an account, which I did sign up for a couple of months ago, but never received an email, and it asked for a password which I don't have.  So I clicked "lost password" and entered my email address then clicked "reset password" and received: ERROR: User has not been approved.

I've sent an email to the contact email address listed. 

[Retitled to give a meaningful title]

Blaisepascal can be trusted but it is not always easy to deal with.

Keep on waiting and sending emails and give it some time.

Detlef will respond eventually and send you the excellent books.   

As Hans said Detlef (BlaisePascal) is trusted.
He will respond (eventually)
The store is maintained.

Could you send me your email?
I never received any communication, that I can remember.
I think ther is a bit of confusion!

Editor, I sent my email address. Thank you.


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