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Some units from lazutils into fpcutils ?


Fred vS:

Lazarus gives a great component: /components/lazutils.

Some units of this component work also perfectly for no-LCL applications, included console applications.

Could it be possible to consider to transfer this wonderful units into /fpc/packages/fpcutils so people dont need to install Lazarus to use it?

I was thinking mainly for units like easylazfreetype, fileutils and dependencies.



Since the release cycle of Lazarus is much faster than that of fpc: please no.


The placement of FileUtils (as discussed in another thread a few days ago) is definitely questionable, but I think the bottom line is whether the Lazarus team would be prepared to donate it to the FPC team.

Frankly, this is as much an FPC documentation error as anything else: the FPC documentation index could usefully have an "honourary packages" section for things like FileUtils.

Considering @Bart's point: Lazarus might be updated more regularly than FPC, but the version of FPC that it uses often lags the FPC project's current/stable release. I think the bottom line is where both projects stand on things like Unicode pathnames.


Afaik release lazarus is now still 3.0.4 compatible, which doesn't have rtl-generics, a lot of the contents of lazutils is about container types, and some consolidation there seems in order.

Fileutils returns utf8 strings in normal strings, so that is useless for Free Pascal.

A first move would be to start merging small things back. E.g. things like that there now is a uitypes in lazutils, and a system.uitypes in freepascal.

utf8process is also fairly small in 3.2.x+, and basicaly an alias unit.

fileutils seems to have assumptions about utf8 use, and returns utf8 strings in normal string types.


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