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Testers for GDB Based debugger / Windows / Lazarus SVN

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As far as I could, I adapted Unicode for Windows. It was dreary.  :(

seems to be working fine  :)

Thanks, I have it on my todo, but unfortunately currently running out of time...

Long time, got a tiny bit of time now.
I tried to build it myself.
What options to you use for configure?

I tried:

--- Code: ---../gdb/configure --enable-static=yes  --disable-gprof --with-expat  --host=x86_64-w64-mingw32  LDFLAGS=-static
make  LDFLAGS=-static
--- End code ---
Also with "--with-system-readline".

But I get lots of errors.

1) bfd/
#include "../gdb/wtou.h"

Does not work.
The generated config.h has the wrong path.
This may have to do with the build environment forcing me to configure and make in a separate directory.
mkdir builddir
cd buildir
../gdbsrc/configure ......

I worked around by placing a copy of that file in the folder that configure wrote to config.h

2) libiberty (and probably gas)
It ends up libtool/linking and cant resolve ustat and one other from wtou (don't recall the name)

I couldn't get past that.

My build system is a freshly installed msys2 with mingw64.

Any ideas?


Ok, I managed to build / Needed to hack a few things to get around compilation errors...

First runs in my test suite are very positive. Lets see...

I have my changes here:
Those are trial and error workarounds to compiler error messages / so no candidates for a beauty pageant


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