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db components invisible in design mode in forms. Lazarus 2.0.12 Centos 7


Hello all. Sorry for my English.
I just install Lazarus Stable 2.0.12 on my Centos 7.
I,m getting problems with database components like tDatasource or any SQLdb Or Zeos Component, or lazreport components. When i drop it into forms in design mode, it is not visible. However in object inspector it appear.
The component works, because when i run program all is ok.

Any help? Thanks

Any Idea about this?

I have installed linux mint, and in this distribution the visualization of these non-visual components works correctly, but in Centos it remain in design as transparent, even when launching Lazarus, the logo image remains as translucent.
I suppose it will be from a Centos library, but I have tried several options and I cannot find a solution

I would appreciate any suggestions or help.

Thank you


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