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Strange appearance of TEdit corners - the are became black sometimes.

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Strange appearance of TEdit component corners - they are became black sometimes. After switching focus from one TEdit to another, corners of previous TEdit get strange 1px dot. Example in attachments. For comparison, in app build by Qt Framework there is now such problem.
Tested in Lazarus v2.0.12 r64642 on Windows 7 Pro.

Is this a native Windows? My screenshot shows that native edit boxes in Win10 have a uniform color, no 3D effect. Do you use qt5 on Windows?

I see now that you have Win 7 - added this screen shot, too. No dark corner points.

Maybe that's the style.  Change to other style or change the colors to se if it still draws the black corners.

wp, to be clear - I compare Lazarus (win32\64 widget set) compiled app behavior with Qt (using Qt creator) app. Yes, on Win 10 there are no such problem because of the style I suppose. Here the link to the video, that show what I'm talking about. Don't look at mouse cursor, it's that small because of recording software.
There are no 100% pattern which reproduce this problem. I click left mouse button changing TEdit focus from one to another and sometimes it's reproduce, sometimes not... I'm confused.
And such "bug" has every component which allow text input, even TMemo.

Did you test on different Win 7 installation or only on one? It could be something hardware or Windows related.


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