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It's possible to go into binary code in the debugging run?

I have in the mind the: cpu state display, machine - assembler code, etc.

View -> Debug Windows -> Registers etc.


I think keyboard is alt-F7 and alt-F8

But not sure. Tools > Options > Editor > Keymap
You can assign keys as you need.

Something works using alts, but this is still usess, because in the asm code window i cant do any step;
F7 returns me to a source code, instead going forth withing this asm instruction...
F4 - don't works too

Is this debugger... strongly bugged? haha!

In the asm window you need to keep using Alt-F7 or Alt-F8.

F4 is indeed source code only, and does not work in asm.

You can also use the buttons in the asm window.

Or in Tools > Option > Editor > Keymap
you can find "Step into (context)" and "Step over (context)" and assign F7/F8 to those.
Then stepping will be according to which window has focus.

This is actually documented on the page I linked

Btw Tools > Option > Debugger - there is a setting "AssemblyStyle" in the property grid. Just in case you have preferences

But yes, overall the disassembler support is limited.


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