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RowSelect in TListView?

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I have a question about TListView component. In Delphi I can set RowSelect property to true, and the user can click anywhere in ListView and it will select whole row. Unfortunately there is no such property in Lazarus. How can I solve it?

If it doesn't work, it isn't implemented yet.

Well, I know it isn't implemented yet, but my question is, can I do it any other way or when can I expect it to be implemented.

No, you can't do it anotherway (if you are using win32 only there may be one, but that is almost the same as implementing it in the LCL (*))
I won't give an exact date, but it is somewhere after I get debugging on win32 fully operational. The (win32) Listview is next on my todo list

(*) on win32 TWincontrol.Handle is the windows handle of the underlying widget. You can send win32 api messages to enable rowselect. THis will work now, but no guaranties if it works in the future.

Hmm... In Delphi Help I've read, that TTreeView can be used the same way as TListView with vsReport ViewStyle. Is it posible in Lazarus? And if it is, how can I do it (in Delphi help I haven't found it). I'm asking, because RowSelect is implemented in TTreeView and if it is possible I could use TTreeView instead of TListView (as either way I'm using TListView with vsReport ViewStyle).


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