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Has anybody here ever used NeoVim? I ran across it today and looked through its features and design goals, and it looks like it could be the basis for an interesting Lazarus component.

Here's the URL:

Here's what Stackshare has to say about it:

And the Github Readme:

I agree, it has interesting possibilities for embedding. When I am not using pascal I prefer vim like editing. It is an easy task with:

  - vimium-c
  - vscode
  - Visual Studio
  - text editor anywhere
    redirected to gVim
  - CapsUnlocked

I had problems with a pain in my right hand according to the using of mouse. So I decided to get rid of mouse as much as possible and because I am able to type with ten fingers I tried vim like editing and after some struggling it serves me well and what is the most important that pain in my wrist is away  :)

As for Lazarus nvim embedding, I am quite skeptic. Vim like editing is not quite popular among pascal developers - Delphi does not support it - and embedding takes its time. To tell truth I can not afford to participate in such project at present.

Here are some information I gathered some time ago when I was thinking to begin with embedding nvim to Lazarus :) :
How it works in vscode
VScode connects to neovim instance
 - When opening a some file, a scratch buffer is created in nvim and being init with text content from vscode
 - Normal/visual mode commands are being sent directly to neovim. The extension listens for buffer events and
   applies edits from neovim
 - When entering the insert mode, the extensions stops listen for keystroke events and delegates typing mode
   to vscode (no neovim communication is being performed here)
 - After pressing escape key from the insert mode, extension sends changes obtained from the insert mode to

While vim is my preferred editor, I don't use it for Pascal work because its syntax highlighting is based, I assume, on some very early Pascal spec and is quite unusable.

Do you keep your code compatible with vim's view of syntax or do you disable syntax highlighting all together ?



--- Quote from: jwhitten on March 09, 2021, 05:40:20 am ---[…] Has anybody here ever used NeoVim? […]
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I once gave it a try, but–I don’t know what exactly–there were many things that didn’t work out of the box (like plugins or other configuration settings) which I was already used to from using in “classic” vim, and, frankly, I just didn’t (and don’t) want “relearn” vim, you know what I mean?

--- Quote from: dbannon on June 14, 2021, 02:55:42 am ---While vim is my preferred editor, I don't use it for Pascal work because its syntax highlighting is […] quite unusable. […]
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On the contrary, it is quite usable. Sure it doesn’t add fancy colors to the latest language additions, like generics or type helpers, but that shouldn’t be deal breaker, you know.

By the way, see also:


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