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During a debug session, and exception is caused by either adding or removing a breakpoint. Version 2.0.12

Has it already been reported using ?

If not please do so, providing the overwhelmingly-important information of what OS you're running etc.


You are probably on Windows?

- Is your OS/CPU: 64 or 32 bits?
- Did you download the main IDE as 64 or 32 bits?
  Check in the Windows "Task Manager" if says "Lazarus (32 bit)"?
- Are you cross compiling to 64 or 32 bits?

Further more, when do you set the breakpoint?
- Before you run your app?
- While your app is paused in the debugger
- While your app is running in the debugger?

What exactly does the exception say?
Important, if there is a "more" button, what is the info show when pressing it?

For anyone not following the mantis issue.

It appears this is caused by cross debugging a 32bit project in a64 bit IDE (using the gdb based debugger)

This is fixed in trunk for 2.2 when that will be released.
But can not be merged to 2.0.x.

Under 2.0.x (and earlier) a 64bit Lazarus IDE using gdb can't debug a 32bit target.  (At least not on current Windows 10 / not verified with other/older Win / IIRC it used to work).

There are 2 options:
1) Installing a 32bit Lazarus.

2) Recommended
Using a 64bit IDE (actually 64 or 32 / does not matter) with FpDebug.
Menu: Packages > Install Packages: Select "LazDebuggerFp", install, rebuild.
Menu: Tools > Options > Debugger: Select "FpDebug"

For a feature compare:
Also if you debug a lot into dll, or into the RTL, then fpdebug may not always get the full stack. In normal operation that should not matter.

Hope this helps.

The feature compare is based on svn trunk.

And if your 32bit apps launches 64bit exe (e.g. with TProcess or similar) then there is

Thanks for the update Martin. I've got a problem relating to different shared-object library behaviour in 32- and 64-bit, so knowing that is probably relevant.



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