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Why is there such a sophisticated, multi-steps procedure to get a working cross-compiler under Windows ? Why is there no readymade, complete setup.exe, like for GCBasic ?
Thanks for any answer ...

Because you haven't contributed one.

Seriously: this is an open-source project with a limited number of developers, who do sterling work supporting multiple target CPUs and OSes. Since you haven't highlighted any specific problem it's obvious that the installation instructions are adequate, hence aren't going to get worked on.


Take a look at fpcupdeluxe, latest version has made installing crosscompilers a whole lot easier...

Instructions on how to use are here:

and in various other places.


I downloaded fpcupdeluxe-x86_64-win64.exe (I use Win7 x64 pro), tried to start it ... and got first a warning from PandaAV. I validated the prog (I hope it's safe), started it, selected "embedded" in both colums, clicked on Lazarus only and saw :
fpcupdeluxe: Got an unexpected exception ... don't know what to do unfortunately.
If I click on FPC + Lazarus, the system crashes, all buttons become inactive, and I must kill via task manager !
Same issues if I start as Admin.
I attach the logfile (renamed as .txt)

Please try the i386 version first. Its recommended.
About the exception. That is very unfortunate.


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