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Why doesn't Lazarus make two installation options, like CodeTyphon, which is a standard installation(as current) and a large installation with all available components?
This option would also enrich the knowledge of not often used components.

The more components installed on Lazarus the more time and memory is needed to rebuild the IDE. I rebuild the IDE pretty often.

Lazarus already has OPM and I personally dislike bloatware. If you can inspect my computer, you will see there isn't any unused programs here. I also removed all the unnecessary 'things' that come from the default OS installation.  My computer is old and doesn't have the latest technology but it's still slim and sexy, running like a cheetah.

Well that is what the online-package-manager is for.

Much more flexible. In the old days there were websites for Delphi, with hundreds of packages. You could chose between a dozen components doing almost the same, differing only in small details.
Leaving out the fact that their are currently not as many people contributing, and not as many packages available... It would not be practical to include several near identical components. Yet with the package-manager that is no problem.
And the package manager makes it easier for contributors to have their packages included.

Of course packages in the OPM are as provided by the contributor. We (the Lazarus team) do simple not have the resources to test every single package for every release we make.
If we included them in the main download, we still would not have that manpower. So we would potentially end up shipping broken packages. And while the OPM allows the contributor to submit a working version asap, if included it would be broken until the next release (and then removed, if no fix was contributed).

Here is the difference between CodeTyphon and Lazarus. We (Lazarus) spent our time on the IDE/LCL itself (and that already requires all of our time and more).
Codetyphon presumingly does not need to spent much time on development the IDE itself.  They use what we deliver. So they have time to spent on bundling packages.

So the question here is, do you simply want an all-inclusive download, or do you want the same amount of packages, but with more maintenance done? (i.e. Regular complete tests of all packages on OPM)?

Because maintenance, testing, making sure all version dependencies are accurate, etc.... All that is not a question of "inclusive download" vs "OPM".
That is a question of having someone (or even several people) who want and can spent the time.

If someone volunteers to do that, then it can all be done for OPM.

Same about having more packages on OPM => contacting authors, helping them.... Question of someone doing that.

As for visibility....

If all components where pre-installed, people would not see the forest for the trees.

Of course OPM itself could be flaunted more prominently (as could many features).
Currently it is
- in the menu
- in the dropdown, at the right side of the component palette.

I am not sure if it should have its own tab in the palette (imho not). But it could/should probably be interacting with the "Components" window (palette, right click "Show all"). It could have an option (checkbox), so that the "filter" would search online too. And a button to open the OPM.

If someone wants to work on that....

And if this is about "needing to rebuild the IDE" to install a package....
Well, IMHO not a big deal, but opinions on this may of course differ.

Afaik there is work under way to have "loadable packages" that do not require a rebuild of the IDE.
However, I do not know the current progress, and it will almost definitely still be a good amount of time. (I.e. I guess the very earliest would be with Fpc 3.4.0, but even that is not guaranteed / And 3.4.0 is far away)

I am against deploying Lazarus with "all available components" because it would put the burdon of maintaining "all components" on the Lazarus team. Having an unmaintained third-party component poses a large risk on Lazarus such that it could not compile any more when the component is broken by some changes in Laz or FPC. Even the current situation of having barely maintained component in the Online-Package-Manager is questionable because it puts an enormous amount of work on its inventor, GetMem. But having such components in the official product is even worse because a single incompatible component can stop Lazarus from working.


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