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CaniNES: a FreePascal port of the Mesen NES emulator


I've ported the emulation core from M. Bibaud's Mesen Nintendo Entertainment System emulator to FreePascal and implemented a simple emulator shell on top. It also includes a port of Blargg's nes_ntsc NTSC simulation filter and a CRT filter for that authentic look.
Also has the usual rewind/fast-forward, savestates, Game Genie cheats etc., however the fancy debugging features from Mesen are not implemented.

It's a work in progress but I just managed to implement the last mapper chip in my TODO list so I thought this would be a good time to post as now it finally runs all the western-released games I have in my ROM collection.

Will go on Github soon enough but still needs a fair bit of code cleanup and polish before that, as well as adding all the proper license stuff, so I'll just post a ZIP with Windows binaries and the sources. Also builds and runs on Linux but don't have my Linux machine here now.

Readme.txt included for a quick start guide and more background information.

Now on GitHub:

Excellent ! I like retro gaming !
Tested on win10 with game  'Adventure of Bayou Billy', all seem ok, music and sounds are good.
Good work, thanks you !


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