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HTTP/2+HTTP/1.1+WebSocket server written with Lazarus (Free Pascal)

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The fpweb library is certainly good, but it clearly lacks modern features - namely, full-fledged http/1.1 with persistent connections, and also http/2. I completed my search for the desired analog by creating a server with all the necessary. I would like to present to your attention my project - WCHTTPServer.

The project builds on the fcl-web library and extends it to increase functionality:

Client management using cookies (saving and maintaining sessions).

* Saving information about clients and sessions in SQLite database.
* Saving information about the latest requests and saving logs in SQLite database.
* Multithreading preparation and execution of requests based on thread pools e.g. helpful classes to work with EventSources.
* Client rankings based on the frequency of client requests.
* Built-in support for gzip and deflate compression methods including decompression of client-side requests.
* The WebSocket (RFC 6455) protocol is supported with the "permessage-deflate" extension (RFC 7692).
* Ability to start the server both in HTTP/2 (RFC 7540) mode and in HTTP/1.1 mode.
* Ability to start the server both in HTTP/2 mode and in HTTP 1.1 mode.
* Modified OpenSSL modules (added necessary TLS extensions) in order to create and maintain HTTP/2 connections.
* Added the ability to save the master key and a random set of client data on the server-side (necessary for debugging TLS dumps using WireShark).
* Works under both Windows and Linux
Link to project on GitHub :

Now the project is at its final stage, but it requires a careful look from the outside. On the forum, I would like to see suggestions for improving the functionality and bug reports.


Great stuff! Thanks for making this available.

I only started looking at HTTP/2 and know next to nothing about it. I did find Can you try it on your implementation and share your views on the output please.


--- Quote from: PierceNg on February 25, 2021, 02:42:26 pm ---Great stuff! Thanks for making this available.

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Thanks :D

--- Quote from: PierceNg on February 25, 2021, 02:42:26 pm ---I did find Can you try it on your implementation and share your views on the output please.

--- End quote ---
Nice advice I'll try it. I used before h2load. But I think h2spec models a lot of additional non-standard situations.

I checked the server with the h2spec utility: 41 passed from 94 tests.
I found some bugs in my code caused by a misunderstanding of the http2 protocol (mostly in the part of informing clients about malformed requests and protocol errors). I also found that tests have their own bugs and some ambiguous testing algorithms. For example - Test 5.1/1 waits for the GOAWAY frame with PROTOCOL_ERROR, but section 6.1 in RFC 7540 requires GOAWAY frame with STREAM_CLOSED error. Another example - Test to emulate maximum concurrent streams. On my server, the test program was unable to create so many concurrent streams - no matter how I increase or decrease the MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS value - they seem to be quickly snatched up by worker threads.
The author has yet to work out his testing program better, but now it is a powerful tool and I intend to use it further to improve the reliability and adequacy of my server.

Thanks for this great work.

You may want to post this in the "Third Party" board of the forum, though:,19.0.html


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