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Thanks for the good work.

With v2.0.12 I got:
tachartaxis.pas(441,41) Warning: Symbol "OnMarkToText" is deprecated: "Use "OnGetMarkText"
tagraph.pas(635,84) Warning: Symbol "OnBeforeDrawBackground" is deprecated: "Use OnBeforeCustomDrawBackground instead"
taseries.pas(63,42) Warning: Symbol "TBeforeDrawBarEvent" is deprecated
tatools.pas(2135,21) Warning: Symbol "OnDraw" is deprecated: "Use OnCustomDraw"
wellform.pas(2014,32) Warning: Symbol "OnMarkToText" is deprecated: "Use "OnGetMarkText"

When the OnGetMarkText event is set at design-time it will not load anymore in v2.0.10. The other way around setting OnMarkToText at design-time in v2.0.10 would also fail in v2.0.12. The object inspector does not support both events in one of these versions. The workaround is to set the event at runtime in the FormCreate. I could not find anything in the release notes referring to this change.

I guess these "deprecated" tags slipped into v2.0.12 by accident. The events that you mention are related to new features which will be in the product in v2.2, and the deprecated events/methods/properties will be removed in Laz 2.3


--- Quote from: wp on March 01, 2021, 11:01:48 am ---I guess these "deprecated" tags slipped into v2.0.12 by accident. The events that you mention are related to new features which will be in the product in v2.2, and the deprecated events/methods/properties will be removed in Laz 2.3

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry to have created some confusion. The now published production version of Laz 2.0.12 only offers the TChartAxis.OnMarkToText event in the Object Inspector. However, the test release one week earlier did only offer OnGetMarkText and not OnMarkToText in the Object Inspector. Therefore I could not open this project anymore in v2.0.10 when I set OnGetMarkText at design time as experiment.

When setting at runtime, OnGetMarkText is available and functional. The only difference at this moment appears te be the added "Sender: TObject;" in the parameter list.

I now looked at it in more detail and cannot find a difference between 2.0.10 and 2.0.12 regarding these events... Both versions do have a TChartAxis.OnMarkToText, but no OnGetMarkText, and there is no "deprecated" message here either.

Did you open your project with  Lazarus trunk in between? It is clear that the new version can introduce new properties and events, and when you return to a release version they can lead to issues.


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on February 27, 2021, 02:39:19 pm ---
--- Quote from: Bloodbat on February 27, 2021, 11:28:39 am ---I did some tests with the conditions you mentioned, haven't been able to hang the IDE after building several projects after using Search in files and running under the GDB debugger.
The consistent hang I can reproduce is after rebuilding the IDE: it managed to succesfully exit once, because the process only really linked, when I cleaned it and rebuilt it, it hanged again, I attach, as you requested, the log.txt file, such as it is: it just stops logging mid word.

--- End quote ---

"it just stops logging mid word"
And that is in the middle of compiling. Unless there is a big chunk of the log, that was not written to disk.

When it happens again, look at the title of the IDE main window (the window with the menu): It should still say "compiling", and the "red square >stop< button" should still be active.

If that happens, and there is no progress in the "messages" windows, then open the task monitor, and check if there is any fpc.exe and/or ppc___.exe (depending on bitness that is ppci386.exe or ppcx86.exe or ...)

If  it does not say "compiling", (and the red button is disabled) then it finished compiling, and it should try to restart.

If it hangs during restart => you can test that by going to Tools > "Configure build lazarus" and  un-check the "restart after building IDE" checkbox. (Then you have to restart yourself at some point).

You can build your IDE with -WC (specified in "Configure build lazarus"). Then do not use --debug-log.
The IDE will now open with a console window, and all logging happens there. This often has less caching going on, so more of the log-output may be seen. But I would check the above things first.

Last not least.
The IDE has a feature to check if it is running. Even if switched off, it still does some check...

If the IDE hangs during startup, check in the task manager how many lazarus.exe and how many startlazarus.exe there are.

You can also locate your temp folder e.g. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp
and (when the IDE is NOT running) delete all files *_LazarusMain*

--- End quote ---

I just found that if I leave it there long enough it will, indeed restart, looking at the process with Process Explorer it shows no processes as children nor is it really pushing the CPU... it's just sitting there until it finally decides to properly kill itself and call startlazarus.exe.
I think the editor is mostly responsive so... I guess all my problems are solved... somehow.
Thanks for all your help.


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