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Definitely not needed, but I wrote it anyway just to have fun moving cards around the screen. Similar to Hearts program released last year. It comes with hinting, autoplay, and some animation of card movements (which can be turned off). Moving cards is by dragging with mouse, or more simply and quicker by clicking. A flick of the mouse wheel promotes multiple cards quickly.

More details on my web page. Program is GPL'ed and source on GitHub.

It works on Linux, nice job!
Thank you for sharing it.

I saw the 52 cards generated at design-time. If I'm allowed, I would suggest to use an array, create and load the cards at runtime.

Please could we have Pentago next :-)


Thanks to share !  :)


There is no need to create some carddecks again.
Today a complete deck is saved in one svg file.

For example the decks for KDE Aislerriot are located at

So load one svg at start and you can copy every card on the fly at runtime.

Only Aislerriot offers 12 different decks. But there are so much more.

Example : guyenne-classic.svgz als png in the attachment



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