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how to get current position with tmplayercontrol?

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I'm trying to use the tmplayercontrol component to create a player in Lazarus but can't get the current playback position.
In theory the onplaying event passes the apoisition parameter but this value is always 0.
How can I get that value?

I also wonder how to do it, there is no answer anywhere. So I changed the component to PasLibVlc, because the MPlayer component seems to be useless. Basic functions also do not work in the developer demo program

Jurassic Pork:
try to use the zbyna's version of tmplayercontrol.
works for me on windows 10 lazarus 2.0.12 64 bits (see attachment full featured example).
Friendly, J.P

@Jurrasic Pork Thank you, I will check

I have two questions.
1. How can I change TMplayer window color to black?
2. How can I refer to the internal timer of Mplayer FTimer?


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