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[SOLVED] JVCLlaz, jvdblookup not search national characters.

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Polish national characters like "ł" not working in JvDBLookupComboBox.

I'm sending the patch. Could you please check and confirm it works?

Thank you very much. Now it works great.

I applied the patch to jvcl trunk on ccr, thank you. The procedure ProcessSearchKey, however, required some re-work in its application to UTF8Char:

* The upper limit of the checks in the case instruction was High(Char) which is not correct for UTF8 - I put this part into the else branch of the comparisons
* The backspace key must delete the last UTF8 codepoint, rather than the last 1-byte character.

Thanks for the quick response. In the meantime, I posted a new bug tracker issue (0038494).


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