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I created a new docked form editor, which can be found in Lazarus Trunk via MainMenu -> Package -> Install/Uninstall Packages... dockedformeditor. It comes with a optional WYSIWYG anchor designer. You have to deinstall other docked form editors like Sparta_DockedFormEditor first!

This package is initially forked from Sparta_DockedFormEditor and its replacement in future Lazarus versions. All Sparta packages are now deprecated and will be removed in a future Lazarus release.

For more info, I wrote a little Wiki page:

It's written and tested on Windows 7 and fundamental tested on Windows 10, Linux Mint Cinnamon with GTK2, QT(4) and QT5. It can be used as standalone IDE extension or in combination with AnchorDockingDsgn.

Now I need your support. Please test it - especially if you are currently using Sparta_DockedFormEditor - if there are open bugs or feature requests. If possible, use bug tracker for bugs!

Thank you!


Known Issues:
    - when form / frame is moved out of screen, there the form has no designer grid (dots)
    - Qt5 shows own menu in form, this isn't shown in anchor editor
    - designer: mouse wheel to scroll content doesn't work - csDesigning is set and
      form doesn't get a LM_MOUSEWHEEL message
    - if main menu is visible, height of client area is wrong, see
    - UnDo / ReDo of AnchorDesigner is currently not implemented

There was a question in a other thread and Sparta,54041.

Maybe if interesting. If you want to check with a stable release, you can test the added zip (for Lazarus only!). If you want check with Lazarus Trunk, please test version shipped with Lazarus Trunk as mentioned above.

El Salvador:
Why was a fork created? Wasn't it better to continue without forking?

The idea of Sparta was adding of new designer functionality. Therefore there was a big overhead of code and a lot of access points and of course mixture of its packages. Sparta_SmartFormEditor was in source of Lazarus for a long time but, as I can see, never working. All changes made in new DockedFormEditor would have broken this package even more. Thatswhile it stays untouched.

Sparta can exists further as alternative (I think in Lazarus CCR), if someone is willing to investigate here. But there is no Lazarus developer working on it.

There is not DockedFormEditor in trunks....


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