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Laz inst. error: can't locate FPC source - Source Forge -? can't find it there..

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I installed FPC 3.20.0.
DL'd Laz (latest).  Installed that, but I get some blather about FPC source files.  See attached.

I can't locate the source files on Source Forge.

Mac OS 10.10

The Lazarus 2.0.10 installation package for macOS includes FPC 3.2.0.

I would delete everything done to date, and then follow the detailed Wiki Installation Instructions for macOS which also includes hints on uninstalling. Also pay attention to this known issue for macOS 10.10.

Just before you uninstall everything, might be worthwhile looking in /usr/local/share/fpcsrc and seeing if it has a fpc-3.2.0 directory, if so, try setting that in the dialog box who's picture you published.

The fact that Lazarus was quoting the older compiler in the source dialog might indicate you also have an older version installed as well, that fine as long as you have done it properly but do make sure the other tabs do in fact relate to the fpc 3.2.0.


I tried to install the latest Laz with both FPC versions trying to drill through.

I'll clean everything out and do it all again...

Thx both dbannon and trev.

Let us know how you go.


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