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Show in debugger PPoint and PRect types as normal numbers


PRect var is shown
- in the tooltips (floating on mouse hover over source editor)
- and in Call Stack
as $fff980475938.... hex number, can you show the Rect's numbers instead?

In the tooltip it should show the values. It does here (both fpdebug and gdb / using dwarf-2 for gdb).
To be exact, it shows the pointer, and then below that the deref in the tooltip.

In the stack  (and locals) that is not yet possible.
gdb will not do this anyway.
For fpdebug some sensible rule (or config) needs to be done when to auto-deref.
It may make sense for a PRect or PPoint (assuming the user code has not redefined those to something else).
But in the stack, deref a pointer to a structure with 100 elements, not so useful (unless we get a way more intelligent stackview)

I was using 'dwarf with sets'. Thank you.


--- Quote from: Alextp on January 31, 2021, 02:25:51 pm ---I was using 'dwarf with sets'. Thank you.

--- End quote ---
I generally recommend:
- for gdb based debugging: dwarf with sets   (this is dwarf2 based)
- for fpdebug: dwarf 3


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