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TEditorWindow could not load certain text files


When I come across Dialog Editor on the other thread, I try to use FV TUI Demo program (both in my FPLite and from this example:  to open two Pascal source files but all failed.

To demonstrate this issue, you can compile EDITOR.pas and run. Then choose Open (though it is in Dutch, you can easily recognize it is File --> New, Open...etc).
Try to load Sample1.txt (EDITOR crashes), and Sample2.txt (file content was displayed partially, EDITOR crashes if you scroll down to the bottom).

I think it is more to the FV TUI Framework internal issue?

Can anyone confirm this is indeed a bug in Free Vision library?

I can load the two sample text files into authentic Free Pascal IDE without any issue...

Correction: The EDITOR.pas is using German language, should not be Dutch.... My apology.


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