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Pascal and Cousins

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--- Quote from: Peter H on January 21, 2021, 04:57:51 pm ---There is component Pascal, despite the name, it is Oberon.

--- End quote ---
It's Oberon-02 compatible, a superset to be exact (and not so much superset either, just a little bit, but hits the important spots right), but isn't Oberon-07 compatible.

So, just to conclude, is there any Oberon (2 or 7) compiler for the *nix environment ?

Does Oberon come with garbage collection?

I've been longing for a Pascal type language with garbage collection.

Manual memory management if one of my pet peeves with Object Pascal.

Peter H:
So far I know, OBERON was originallly written to run on an OS written in OBERON and has garbage collection.
It is however tightly coupled to this OS and needs a runtime system, if it runs on windows or other systems and does not produce stand alone programs or link to other languages. When executing it it is like using a virtual (Oberon) Machine, so far I remember it is decoupled from the host OS.

I might be wrong and dont know all flavors. I only tried Component Pascal (which is an OBERON flavor) on windows.
Installing it, I got a lot of anti-virus warnings, but I ignored it ;-) maybe this is owed to the runtime system.


--- Quote from: vfclists on February 01, 2021, 11:43:39 pm ---I've been longing for a Pascal type language with garbage collection.

--- End quote ---

Does .NET C# count?


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