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Pascal and Cousins

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Here's another interesting paper I've just come across

"The design and implementation of modula for the Burroughs B1700 computer"

That's one of very few references I've seen to Modula as distinct from Modula-2, and it highlights a number of interesting points e.g. preemptive processes rather than coroutines and a module structure much like that proposed by Brinch Hansen.

It's also one of few things that looks at the B1700 at a low level. That was an odd system with bit-addressable memory and 1-24 bit operands The hole in that photo should have a cassette (not cartridge) drive in it which was used as an instruction source during boot.



If you want to play with Oberon2 (I like it), not  really a cousin of Pascal, rather a nephew, I discovered recently an interesting blog entry explaining how to install easily a Oberon2 framewok emulating faithfully a Ceres workstation in a Raspberry Pi (and also on other flavors of Linux if you please).

Additionnaly, this implementation called Ofront has also a transpiler tool to generate automatically .c and .h files that tou may compile and link in Posix + X11 envirnments (I did not try this, i am only interested in the Ceres workstation emulation).



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